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This is my 400th Westcheddar post!  To celebrate, I went through the entire Westcheddar archives to find my Top 40 favorites (40’s?!?!), dating back to my first one in June 2008.  It was fun, and truthfully it was tough to narrow it down, but I think I got the ones that mean the most to me.  Thanks to everyone who reads and supports this blog on the reg.  Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.  Click away!

40. Move The Crowd– This was my first post ever, so I thought I’d start my Top 40 with it, featuring full page show reviews I did for XXL Magazine.

39. Top Quality– Top Quality is the first and really only rap artist to come out of White Plains and get a major label deal.  Had to do a post dedicated to him.  Plus he’s my dude DJ Destro’s cousin, who produced TQ’s biggest hit (check me and Des do our MC/DJ routine live at CBGB’s in this post too).

38. The Return Of Fitz Winkleman– Video footage of “The Newlyfriend Game” featuring a bunch of cool kids and me as the host.

37. Best Of Westchester’s Top 5 Tables 2010– Best Of Westchester is the best party of the year in the 914, hosted by Westchester Magazine, and featuring free food and drinks served by the best restaurants in Westchester County.  Westcheddar correspondent Billy Henderson gives us his Top 5 Tables every year.  Third time’s a charm.

36. The Encyclopedia of White Rappers– Complex Magazing put together a full and comprehensive encyclopedia of white rappers, and I’m in it!

35. River Ciphers Recap–  Footage from the Open Mic that my man Moshe and I hosted in Dobbs Ferry, my favorite being our “Wifey Material” unplugged collaboration.

34. Leaders Of The New School– A look at the Hip Hop workshopthe big homie Lord Judah and I put together for kids.

33. The Young Professional– My 10 track release from fall 2009, featuring a more mature Stan Ipcus on the mic.

32. Talkin’ Hoops– Last year’s basketball preview featuring local hoops experts Tommy Dee, Brian Duignan, and Johnny Halas.

31. Decade Dingers– A mixtape of some of the best hip hop songs from the past decade.

30. Verses From The Ipster– An 80 minute mix of Stan Ipcus verses back to back and chronological, accompanied by an interview and some classic Ipcus pics and flyers.

29. Highlands To Hollywood– An interview with Sloane Crosley, a WPHS graduate, former classmate of mine, and acclaimed author of the very popular memoir I Was Told There’d Be Cake.

28. Baltimore Blam– Pics and footage from my appearance with Matisyahu and Max Bee in Baltimore in 2008.

27. IPmatic– My latest 10 track release, featuring production from Kaliph, Max Bee, Bless, and yours truly.  Plus I went in on some choice 90’s beats.

26. (tie) Larry David’s Greatest Hits Part 1 and 2– Classic Curb Your Enthusiasm clips that I could watch over and over.  Larry David is the king.  I need to do a Part 3 asap.

25. Luca Long Legs–  The picture in this post was taken of my son the day we brought him home from the hospital.  I made it #25 on my list because that’s his birthday, May 25th, same as mine.  Pic at the top of the post is me and him at the Jersey Shore last month.  Young Ipcus!

24. Big Daddy– Great article my Dad wrote in the Journal News back when I was at White Plains High School about slang.  Must read.

23. Home For The Holidays– Video of Family Guy writer and close friend of mine Andrew Goldberg’s return home to his old bedroom in White Plains, which is exactly the way it looked when he was a kid.  Don’t miss the part of the video when I test his baseball card knowledge, it’s freakishly fantastic.

22. Nardwuar Interviews Matisyahu (Video)– I helped set up Nardwuar, the best interviewer on the planet, with Matis.  They even talk about “My Ferris Buellers”.

21. Deconstructing Asher– The story behind why I dissed Asher Roth, and how I became his biggest fan.

20. My Book Of Rhymes Part 1– The “WP” rhyme that I spit with Matisyahu on his grammy nominated album, shown here when I first wrote it on loose leaf paper.  I’ve been meaning to do more of these “Book Of Rhymes” posts.  I have notebooks and boxes filled with old raps that I wrote stashed away.

19. Stay With You– Pictures and video footage from my wedding, featuring Matis and Max Bee and a great shot of all my boys with the bride and groom.  I made this #19 because that’s the day we got married, April 19th, 2009.

18. Come Up Off That– The music video from a song the kids I work with made for Halloween last year, “Creepin’ On Ya Candy”.  Fun!

17. Comedy Central– Interview I did with comedian Nick Kroll, who’s a buddy of mine from Rye that I grew up with.

16. Roundball Classic– Hilarious promotional video interviews about the Roundball Classic, an annual basketball tournament held in White Plains, featuring three of the most colorful personalities from our Pu Click team.

15. Stan’s Samples–  A collection of songs I sampled dating back to my first album.  One of my more recent projects and posts.

14. Going, Going, Gone– My personal farewell to the old Yankee Stadium.  Great pictures in this post from my birthday when they put my name on the scoreboard, and from the unforgettable Mel Hall home run game vs. the Red Sox.

13. Westcheddar Radio #1: Hanukah Hold Up– My first Westcheddar podcast, hosted by Stan Ipcus and Fitz Winkleman, with music by all Jewish artists.

12. Air Yeezy and Ipod Touch Coloring Sheets– Hand drawn coloring sheets that were featured on top hip hop blog NahRight.

11. Untied and Unplugged– Max Bee and I perform “My Ferris Buellers” Unplugged, pictures from Matisyahu’s Festival of Light at Webster Hall, and my Holiday Edition of Stan Ipcus “Cribs”.

10. Genovese Thesis–  Interview with Yonkers rapper best known for his affiliation with the LOX and DJ Clue in the latter half of the 90’s.

9. I Left My Heart In San Francisco– My dedication to my Grandma Sooky, which includes a beautiful eulogy written by my father.  I gave this the #9 slot because her birthday and the day she passed away was in September.  RIP Grandma Sooky.

8. Prime Time With Dan And Andrew– A look back at the public access TV show I co-hosted and starred in with my buddy Andrew Goldberg back in high school.  This post features classic skits and clips from many of the episodes, and a link to the Prime Time Youtube Channel.

7. Tunnel Vision– Exclusive video footage from the Westcheddar hip hop archives of Jay-Z live at The Tunnel night club in NYC circa 1999.  This footage was featured and linked on many major hip hop blogs including Rap Radar and Miss Info’s site.  Hov!

6. Dark Wars– Video and interviews from my trip to Dark Wars, a “Get Dark” (aka Get Light, I know it’s confusing) dance style competition I attended in Manhattan.  This style of dance is extremely popular with kids in Westchester County and NYC, and I got access to their premier event and the man who runs the whole movement.

5. Back From Iraq–  My interview with Mike Halas, a very close friend of mine and Army hero, after returning home from being overseas in the Iraq War.

4. Ipcus And Matisyahu Live On Hot 97– Audio and pictures from my appearance with Matisyahu on the Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Hot 97 Morning Show, as well as the premiere of the video for “My Ferris Buellers”.  They ended up using the rap we spit on the air as the intro for their show.

3. Spring Training Revisited– A more detailed look back at the legendary Spring Training Trips taken by the Isenberg men in the 80’s, as told by my father.  Great pictures and old programs in this post, including shots of my cousin and I with George Steinbrenner.

2. The End Of An Era– The complete Stan Ipcus discography as of April 2009, dating back to my first album, and the release of Dirty Jax Presents The Best of Stan Ipcus.  Plus a wealth of unreleased material.  More Stan Ipcus songs than you can imagine, plus all the artwork, for free download.  I called this “The End Of An Era” because I was getting married and my outlook on making music was shifting.  Since this, I’ve had two official releases, The Young Professional and IPmatic, as well as Verses From The Ipster.

1. Mixtape Memories– My most popular post, with the most hits out of anything I’ve ever published on Westcheddar.  It also happens to be my favorite.  Take a look back at some of the most monumental hip hop mixtapes to hit the streets in the 90’s.  We lived and breathed the mixtape culture as teenagers, and went to any neighborhood in NYC to get the “new shit”.  Enjoy.

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    Congratulations on your continued success with Westcheddar. It is simply one of the most genuine blogs out there in the blogosphere.

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