Ippy Strut 2009

Stan Ipcus

That picture right there is me, Stanley Ipcus, about ten years ago, performing live at some outdoor Frat Party on Knox Road in College Park, Maryland, right behind where me and Pocheese used to live (HAPPY BIRTHDAY APO AND CONGRATS TO YOU AND JESS ON THE BIRTH OF SAMANTHA!!!!).  Those were good times.  I remember how much I loved to rap back then, whether it was recording songs or performing at shows or just freestyling with my bros.  Now, ten years later, I still love it, and though I don’t perform as much or have freestyle sessions that often (we did just have a mean one the night before Thanksgiving though), I still find time to record.  After finishing up The Young Professional, I decided I would revisit that College Park style and remix one of the first songs I ever recorded in a real studio, “Ippy Strut”.  I was prompted to do so by my boy C Bats, who suggested I put new raps on one of my older beats, and that’s what I did.  With a t-t-twist of course.  Here’s the link to stream/download “Ippy Strut 2009”.  Enjoy…


If you’d like to check out the original, it’s on my first album Pu Click Poetry, which you can download HERE, along with the rest of my discography.  Cheah!


*Check out Ogden Avenue’s own DJ Leche’s new mixtape Impeccable Grind, which features yours truly on a couple cuts, HERE.

*Thanks to Nation at NahRight for posting “Ippy Strut 2009”, peep it HERE.  Nation just started a new blog of his own, ItsTheCalm.com.  Definitely worth visiting…

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