The End of an Era

Stan Ipcus


Here it is.  DIRTY JAX PRESENTS THE BEST OF STAN IPCUS.  Yeah, that’s a new Dirty Jax spring 2009 shirt I’m wearing, and their designer Josh Kimerling put the cover artwork together for me.  As I said last week in my promo post, this mixtape features a bunch of my favorite material from my last three projects, and some new remixes (shout out to the great Large Professor thanks for the remix!!!!), radio appearances, leaks, etc.  Check below for the tracklist and free download link.  Enjoy.



Now.  Here’s the complete Stan Ipcus discography, a decade in the making, dating back to 1999 when I recorded my first studio album as a University of Maryland at College Park junior.  I’ll start from the present and go back….


BACHELOR PARTY is my most recent release.  This got some major shine on and some other dope internet hip hop websites (shout out to for calling it “fuckin classic”), and a few of the songs got spins on Hot 97, Shade 45, etc.  This project is my personal favorite, and not because it’s my most recent work.  I just really love the songs on here.  The download includes the bonus tracks “My Ferris Buellers” and “The Great White Hope (Asher Roth Diss)” which were recorded after the project’s completion.  Check the tracklist and link below…




In 2006, my friend from WP and business partner DJ Roz (we owned a mixtape spot out in Maryland called Strictly Classics and went to College Park and WPHS together too) decided it was time for us to put out an official Stan Ipcus mixtape.  So for a couple months straight, I would just send mp3’s of songs I was recording at my crib in WP down to him in MD.  You wouldn’t believe it if you saw how I recorded for this mixtape in the crib, with the laptop and the built in mic, spitting into the computer screen.  That’s why some of the tracks have that fuzz in them.  It was the first time I had the ability to record in the crib, and I still hadn’t perfected the “no mic” technique.  I was learning along the way.  Ha!  It was mostly just random freestyles, or beats I looped up and went in on.  And Roz gave me a couple beats to rock over too (see “Real Ganja Talk”).  When he finally put it all together, it was a certified classic around the way.  White Plains was fully with me after I put this out.  Dudes from the hood would come up to me quoting songs and all that, giving me my props.  We were doing a lot of shows in the city around this time too.  I love the way this mixtape flows.  And the title perfectly describes the content.  REAL BREEZY.  Peep the cover above (hilarious!!!) and tracklist/download link below…




I managed to get one single, WESTCHEDDAR/DO US, on Itunes with the help of my boy Lev Dog from NY Fresh Records.  It was produced by this band from across the Tappan Zee Bridge called The Wax Machine that I used to do shows with, and it was recorded with all live intruments.  We all ended up going our seperate ways, but to this day this is still the only two solo Stan Ipcus songs on Itunes.  It dropped right before Roz and I came out with Real Breezy in Spring 2006.  Peep the cover for the single and the link to download it via, or grab it on Itunes if that’s easier, either way your support is appreciated…



This is the original promo for Matisyahu’s YOUTH album.  See how it says IN STORES JANUARY 31, 2006?  Well it actually came out March 7th, 2006.  I remember it getting pushed back at the last minute, and how excited everyone was for it to drop.  My feature on his song “WP” is probably what I am best known for, and truthfully it’s my favorite verse I ever wrote.  We’ve performed this song everywhere and in between, from MSG to the Greek Theatre in LA.  I’m very proud to be on this grammy nominated album with one of my closest childhood friends.  Here’s the link to download it on…



Ahhh, FLIRTING WITH FAME.  I put a bunch of songs from here on The Best of Stan Ipcus.  Most of this album was recorded in Sony Studios with Inyerface Records, a small label based on 54th Street that I had a little production deal with back in late 2003/2004.  This album is timeless, and was recorded while I was getting a real taste of the NYC music industry life after moving back home from D.C.  I got a chance to work with some great producers on this, and I also threw a couple mixtape style songs on here too that I recorded before my move back to WP.  Dirty Jax laced the cover for this, it’s definitely my favorite of all my covers.  This marked the first time I ever had one of my songs on a major hip hop radio show (DJ Eclipse played “Pay U No Mind” on The Halftime Show which I was recently a guest on).  I got a lot of favorites on here.  All the material on this project was recorded from the end of 2003 to 2004, when I had some really great hip hop moments.  I met a bunch of people I was fans of while I was recording this, from Kanye West to Kay Slay, and had the chance to open up shows for Smif N Wessun and Slick Rick during this time period too.  Unfortunately, the label fell apart before I ever had the opportunity to release anything properly.  But they gave me all the songs to keep, so I put this out myself in early 2005.  I threw a release party at my apartment in WP that was crazzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy.  Tracklist and link below…




EM & IP THE WHITE ALBUM was a mixtape I wanted to put together for fun.  I called it The White Album for obvious reasons (we’re both white!), but also because I was living in D.C. at the time right near The White House, hence the cover shot.  In addition, it was around the time that Jay-Z’s The Black Album was getting alot of hype before it’s release (Summer of 2003), and I thought it would make a clever title.  I should have known that everyone was gonna play off that title.  At the time, I wasn’t recording too much, just here and there when I could, but I was running the mixtape spot with DJ Roz so I figured it could be a cool way to put something of my own on the shelf that people could check out, especially if they already liked Eminem.  It’s not Em vs. Ip, it’s Em & Ip, back and forth.  I put all my favorite Eminem songs on there and tried to match mine up with his so it flowed.  And my boy K-Wet aka BonDon did a hilarious intro for it.  Check it out below, it’s not bad…




CREAM CHEESE never was really released.  I never had a cover made for it.  At the time I put it together, in early 2002, I had some songs from my final year living in Maryland that kind of all fit together.  It was made up of all original production from Bless, Max Bee, and one song from my boy Kalash.  And it features one of my few collabo tracks, with my classmate Nef, who to this day is the nicest rapper I’ve ever been friends with.  Straight College Park.  This (above) would’ve mad a great cover.  Tracklist and link below.


1.  Cream Cheese

2. On My Grind

3.  Bravo

4.  Nef and Ip

5.  Ready for the Drami Poppy

6.  Chubby

7.  Fall Back

8.  Piggly Wiggly



Yo, I can’t find the actual front cover for EXTRA HIM that Josh from Dirty Jax, my second official release.  So I’m gonna use this picture from the album cover photo shoot (above), where I’m dunking at the court next to the campus pool.  On the actual cover I’m dunking over like 5 gippy frat dudes (if anyone has that holler).  Yes, this hoop was only like 9 1/2 feet, but true story back then I used to be able to bang it on a regulation hoop too.  Ask Max Bee how I banged it on him on this pool hoop the first time we ever balled together during a game of 21.  Hahahaha!  Anyway, this is really representative of my College Park years, when I was just doing my thing on campus, rocking at campus events, frat parties, clubs around the way, and Knox Road barbeques heavy.  It has original production from Max Bee and Bless, live cuts from The Kaffa House in DC, a radio freestyle, and some crazy lyrics.  I was really coming into my own at this time.  This one is close to my heart.  It brings back so many great memories, when I really was EXTRA HIM.  I dropped this in June 2000.  Download link below…




And here is the first official Stan Ipcus CD release.  I made a couple tapes before this, but never in a studio.  For this one I spent 4 nights at this little studio on Irving Place in Manhattan.  I brought a bunch of songs I wanted to get looped up, and the engineer looped them, and I just put some songs together with a bunch of verses I had written.  Some of the lyrics are from high school!  It’s kind of like an EP.  My boy Andrew Goldberg, who now writes for The Family Guy, made some hilarious guest appearances on here as Harvey Yackerbottom (a character from our old public access TV show) and Edith Bunker.  And me, well I just went in as Stanley Ipcus.  This one was for my boys, plain and simple.  That’s why it’s called PU CLICK POETRY.  This had a nice little buzz in White Plains and College Park.  People still hit me up about this.  It was recorded in January 1999.  Ten years ago.  Crazy.  I used to sit in my boy’s dorm room and burn copies whenever I could.  He was the only dude I knew with a CD burner.  The cover photo is by Josh from Dirty Jax aka Sure Shot, but my dude Jon Jo helped me put the design together at Kinko’s.  That’s my pops on the back, shoveling snow on Ogden Avenue.  Link below…



Funny thing is I have MAD TRACKS left over that I never put on any of these projects.  Some of them are from the Inyerface/Sony Studios years, but most of them are just songs I just did on the fly at the crib.  They’re either not fully mixed down or they’re really fuzzy.  Some of them are great quality but they just didn’t fit on any of the projects.  Some are straight freestyles or singing.  Regardless, if there’s big Stan Ipcus fans out there somewhere, they’re gonna love this.  It’s a bunch of unreleased songs, like 60 plus tracks.  I call this THE FUZZY PHLEGM GEM FILES.  All zipped up and ready to download for anyone who really wants to hear some raw Stan Ipcus material.  Enjoy.


So that’s it, a decade of Stan Ipcus.  Enjoy THE BEST OF STAN IPCUS, and check out my discography when you get a chance.  For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, thank you for always supporting me as an artist, coming to my shows, rocking my tapes and CD’s, and chilling at my recording sessions.  And to my new fans, welcome to my fly whiteboy rap world, and thank you too for your support.  Did I miss anything?  Oh yeah, I’m not retiring or anything, but I am getting married.  I have a feeling my music is going to shift a bit in the next years.  We’ll see in which direction, not sure yet.  Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments section if you get the chance.  Thanks again.  Peace….

11 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. Stan what up? Heard about the bach! Oh baby. How did Marinate not make the list? It is by far my favorite Ipcus Album, it’s been on hard rotation here in Scarsdale since I dropped in ’06. I’ll lay some dough on that. One.


  2. Lizzy, not to worry, “Marinate on That” is in THE FUZZY PHLEGM GEM FILES, an unreleased favorite of mine too…no need to lay dough on it, it’s a free download….oh baby….

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