The Encyclopedia of White Rappers

Stan Ipcus

Complex Magazine just published The Encyclopedia of White Rappers, and guess who was included?  That’s right, yours truly, Stan Ipcus.  Wow, I didn’t know there were so many white rappers out there.  I’ve heard of a lot of these guys (and girls), and am fans of some of them too (I’ve posted a lot of different white rapper material here on Westcheddar), but some of these people I’ve never heard of.  I must say, it’s kind of fun to thumb through, and in a way I feel honored to be included.  It’s funny, the two categories they put me in are “jewish” and “backpacker”.  Ha!  Here’s how they describe me…

Named after the titular character in The Mask, Ipcus is a childhood friend of Matisyahu who has freestyled on Hot 97 and Shade 45 and appeared on “WP” off his homie Matis’s ’06 LP, Youth. You think we’re gonna hate, but dude kicks rhymes like “I’m just a fly white boy with that real hip-hop” that we think are kinda cute, so we won’t. Cute like puppies and kittens cute, but cute nonetheless.

I actually like this description, though I wouldn’t say all my rhymes are cute.  They obviously haven’t heard 99% of my material.  Still, I’m glad they included me, and I appreciate the sentiment.  Here’s the link to my listing (which includes the video for “My Ferris Buellers”)…

Complex Encyclopedia of White Rappers STAN IPCUS page


2 thoughts on “The Encyclopedia of White Rappers

  1. WHAT?!? Thats fuckin huge! You’ve forever been engrained into the annals of history my dude. Way to go. Love the fact they used that video. Talk about product placement with legs! lmao.

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