Cross My Heart


Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” is the hottest hip hop song out right now.  I mentioned it briefly in the post below, and posted the radio rip when it first surfaced earlier in the fall, but it really needs its own shine now that it’s officially out.  I promise you that this is something new and genuine to get really excited about in hip hop.  Even the artwork for the single (above) is ill.  Stream it or cop it on Itunes here…

Listen to Jay Electronica “Exhibit C” CD Quality

Props to Just Blaze on the production.  Here’s where the sample is from.  Billy Stewart’s “Cross My Heart”.  Dope.

As for Jay Electronica, well, he continues to impress me.  I’m tuned in now fully.  For more, click HERE.


Jay Electronica and Nas are buddies.  Here’s a pretty good interview segment with Jay talking about how he met Nas.  He also discusses his influences.  The interview is a little dated (it’s from sometime in 2008), but it will give you a feel for what Mr. Electronica is all about…

Can’t wait to hear some more songs…him and Nas should do a track together asap…hollerrrrr.

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