Westcheddar Radio #1: Hanukah Hold Up

My Dudes, Stan Ipcus, Westcheddar Radio

Happy Hanukah!  And Happy Holidays to everyone out there reading this.  I am embarking on something new here at Westcheddar, and it’s called Westcheddar Radio.  Our first episode is entitled Hanukah Hold Up, hosted by myself and my good buddy Fitz Winkleman, who you may remember from my song “Happy Hour”.  In celebration of the last night of Hanukah, Fitz and I play a bunch of songs from our favorite jewish (and half-jewish) artists.  Here’s the download/stream link…



Thanks for listening!!!  Stay tuned for Westcheddar Radio #2, coming soon…


I was invited by Matisyahu to be on this Shade 45 Hanukah Radio show with Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg, but because the date got switched to a Friday night, we didn’t roll (because Matis faithfully observes the sabbath).  Too bad, because I had a dope rhyme I was gonna spit on the air.  Oh well.  It motivated me to do my own show I guess and get Westcheddar Radio off the ground.  Anyway, the Shade 45 Hanukah Radio show aired last night, and Paul Rosenberg’s site RapRadar.com has some highlights, including call ins from their “Jew Of The Year” Drake, and also from Jay Electronica (aka Jay Elec-Hanukah, his self proclaimed nickname from his latest classic).  Check the link.  I’ll post the whole show when it surfaces.

Drake is “Jew Of The Year” on Shade 45 Hanukah Radio

*Super Bonus*

Watch a full Matisyahu live performance, from the last 2009 Festival of Light show RIGHT HERE!!!!! And here’s the interview with Matisyahu from Paul Rosenberg’s show, RIGHT HERE!!!!

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