The High Road


I warned you guys about this Broken Bells album a few months ago, which is a collaboration project featuring The Shins frontman James Mercer and DangerMouse (who was born in WP).  Well, the first single from the album is out now on Itunes, “The High Road”, and it is excellent.  And if you search hard enough, or have a good friend like my boy Gippamaldi, you might even get your hands on the whole album, which just leaked to the internet.  Regardless, go to their website now (link below) and pre-order the official copy of the album, which is due out in March.  And give a listen to “The High Road” right here on Westcheddar…

I think people made their best of 2009 song lists a little too soon…

Broken Bells Official Website

P.S.  I heard this song by some band called Yeasayer at the end of an Entourage episode recently.  Their Myspace page says they’re from Brooklyn, and they describe themselves as “Enya with bounce”.  They’re definitely on some next shit, even though this song “Sunrise” is actually from a couple years ago.  I like it.  Consider it a bonus…


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