Here’s To You Mister Robinson

My Dudes, Sports

Nate Robinson (above giving a pound to Will Ferrell last season) dropped 41 on New Year’s Day in Atlanta against the Hawks in his first game back since being benched in early December.  Nice.  It was an exciting performance and a big win for the Knicks.  We got mad love for Nate here at Westcheddar, because he’s known to pop up and play ball at the NYSC in White Plains all the time, and he also runs a basketball camp up in Mount Kisco (where I work) for the local kids.  Here’s his highlights from last night…

Check my boy Tommy Dee at The Knicks Blog for more on last night’s game and The State of Nate…

Keep it up boys!


If you have NBA 2K10 for PS3 and you want to battle the kid online, holler at me.  And if you don’t have it, go get it, because it is easily the dopest basketball video game of all time…

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