Mixtape Memories


Back in my high school years (1992-1996), when mixtapes were actually sold on cassette tapes, DJ S&S was the king of the exclusives.  He claims in the video above he was the first mixtape DJ, even before the legendary DJ Clue came on the scene (who also deserves major props) to get all the newest songs on his tapes.  And that’s all we ever wanted.  New shit.  We would go to spots all over the Bronx and Harlem to cop mixtapes.  And yes, the first time I ever heard some of the most memorable hip hop songs from that era, from artists like Biggie, Wu Tang, and Nas, were on DJ S&S tapes.  Watch the video above, where he discusses the good old days when he first started, how he got his exclusives, his recording process, his partnership with DJ Craig G, and much more.  And below, take a trip down memory lane with me and download some DJ S & S and DJ Craig G tapes for free.  “Aiight here we go!!!”

The thing that is important to note about these mixtapes is that more often than not, the first time anyone ever heard these songs was on these tapes.  For example, look at the cover above closely.  There are like four Biggie songs on there that no one had ever heard before on the radio or albums.  When “Who Shot Ya” came out on this tape, it was crazy!  As was the freestyle with Biggie rapping over all the west coast beats to start off Side A, and Biggie’s verses on “Can’t You See” and “Something Big”, though I think DJ Clue had “Something Big” first.  Not to mention classic songs from everyone else on the NYC hip hop scene.  I actually like the first volume of this series even better (click HERE to see the tracklist for that).  And some people used to critique DJ S & S for yelling too much on his tapes, but I actually dug that.  He knew he was playing hot shit, and he was amped!!!  Get the links to both below…



Here’s a couple earlier ones from DJ S & S.  Do I need to talk about how ill this tape was?  I mean, he was even getting exclusives from A Tribe Called Quest!  And look at the track title for the first Biggie song.  That’s what I call EARLY…

DJ S & S SOMETHING FOR THAT ASS PART 3 (see cover above)

DJ S & S SOMETHING FOR THAT ASS PART 2 (no cover or tracklist)

This was my favorite mixtape from the summer of 1995. DJ Craig G was one of S & S’s partners, as noted earlier and in the video at the top of the post.  Probably the craziest exclusive on this tape was the original Biggie “Dead Wrong” to start off Side Two.  But Side One had dope songs on it too, like that Mary J. Blige and LL Cool J “Mary Jane RMX” which was a personal favorite.  Just check the tracklist on the cover…


See the address for the DJ Craig G fan club?  WP!  This tape was dope too, especially the way he brought in “Unbelievable” with the intro from Ready To Die.  That, and “Flava In Ya Ear” were my favorite songs from the summer of 1994, which was when I first got my driver’s license.  This tape was in heavy rotation in the Honda Civic.


This was a hot tape too, with S & S and Craig G.  As I remember, this was the first tape that had Jay-Z and Foxy Brown’s “Ain’t No Ni**a” on it.  And Nas “Understanding” was a crazy exclusive at the time.  There’s alot of great songs on this tape.  The tracklist is bananas!  These were the days when mixtapes were truly exciting.  Here’s the download link…


Here’s five other classic mixtapes from the 90’s that get the Westcheddar co-sign…

Now this was off the hook.  This came out in the early part of 1996, and we used to thump this.  It had exclusive freestyles from Redman, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, exclusives from Nas, and of course, “You’ll See” with Biggie and the LOX, which was the first time anyone had heard that song or the LOX period.  Peep the tracklist HERE


DJ Clue had so many classic mixtapes over the years, from the early 90’s well into the 2000’s (by then they were on CD).  He was always consistent, and definitely has had the most longevity and success out of any other mixtape DJ from NYC.  DO REMEMBER the Halloween Hold Ups, the Springtime Stick Ups, and all the rest of the classic series’ he released that had mad exclusives and got played over and over in our whips.  But I thought I would feature a memorable one from fall 1996, when I first went away to the University of Maryland.  This was in my walkman heavy on campus.  The LOX freestyle to set things off over the Show and A.G. “Next Level (Premier Remix)” was so ill.  And there were other LOX joints on there, like “Well, Well, Well”, and the Genovese with Styles song was crazy too.  This was a big look for the 914!  Plus, this was the first place we heard Biggie’s “Hypnotize” and “Mo Money, Mo Problems”.  Damn, and Jay-Z and Sauce Money “Dead or Alive pt. II”, and probably my personal favorite from this tape, Large Professor and Nas “1 +1”.  There’s other cuts too that I’m not mentioning that are worthy of being written about.  This was a hot tape!


This was the first mixtape I ever copped on CD.  Right at Uptown Flava on Southern Boulevard in the Bronx.  This first half of this mixtape is all exclusive freestyles.  My favorite is definitely with one with Redman and Keith Murray going back and forth over the EPMD “You’re A Customer” beat.  And the second half of the disc is all classics.  Check the tracklist HERE


There’s three different volumes of Tony Touch’s 50 M.C.’s series, but Volume 2 was particularly historic.  This was probably the second mixtape I got on CD, and it was a double disc.  There’s lots of dope verses on here, from all the guys that were really hot in 1997, like Noreaga, Canibus, O.C., Redman, The Artifacts, Black Thought, Big L, Big Pun, and many more.  And Tony Touch definitely gave them some hot beats to rap on.  Check the lineup HERE


Biggie was the first person I ever saw with a “Best Of” mixtape.  Mister Cee wasn’t that big on the mixtape scene, but this was hot when it came out.  He followed it with a bunch of other “Best Of” mixtapes featuring Redman, Mobb Deep, and Jay-Z.  But this was his first.  I have this on CD now, but when I first got it on Fordham Road it was a tape.  3 tapes for $10.  That was the best spot.  It was worth the price just for the intro verse over Casual’s “I Didn’t Mean To”.  And it featured a bunch of Biggie songs that were rare or unreleased at the time.  Check out the tracklist for the original mixtape and also Mister Cee’s 10th Anniversary of the mixtape with an extended tracklist and bonus disc HERE.  And here’s the download links to both…



Well, I think that’s it for my mixtape memories.  I gotta say, this was a fun post for me to piece together.  Shout out to all the mixtape DJ’s who put out classic tapes in the 90’s that I didn’t post like Ron G, Rated R, DJ Rhythm, Kool Mike Ski, and all the rest.  Also, shout out to all the mixtape spots and record stores that always had the new shit.  And BIG RESPECT to all the blogs and websites who post links and artwork for all these classic mixtapes.  I hope you all enjoyed this post, and took advantage of the links.  What was your favorite mixtape from the 90’s?  Did I post it?  Do you still have it?  Tell us!  Give us the link!  And if there’s a problem with any of the links in this post please let me know.  Peace and love…

26 thoughts on “Mixtape Memories

  1. i guess, because of this link, that mixtapes back then compared to now aren’t that different. these shits were like albums to me. only thing is that these tunes were more diverse hip-hop wise.

    good shit y’all.

  2. since you gave me a link on that post i put you up a WestCheddar link on my left sidebar with all the other Dope Shit. lol. my site monitors all traffic, thanks for giving me props.

    nice site

  3. Craig G. and S&S “Niggaz Don’t Give A Fuck” was one of the first mixtapes I ever bought. The version of Trigga’s “Hitman For Hire” included here, I never heard anywhere else. In these days it didn’t matter if the quality was crappy, it was listenable at least.

    Nice post.

  4. you gotta get to the mixtapes from 90-93, a lot of classics tapes from then. Doo Wop’s “birthday 92” tape was my favorite, and i can’t find it. also, dj’s like Action Pac, Chill Will(from da eastside), L.A.Love, Ron G, Double R & DJ Ray, Chubby Chubb, Triple C, and of course Kid Capri. so many dope mixtape tape dj’s.

  5. yeah, i remember S & S mixtapes from back in the days… dude is a pioneer, but real talk.. i know yall know that jampony dj’s were making mixtapes since the 80’s *(yeah, i know.. for some reason we dont count down south.. ) but, not to take nothing from s&s .. he always had hot tapes in the street.

  6. Definitely a trip down memory lane. But you need to find and post those Doo Wop tapes with him and The Bounce Squad doing their routines/freestyles. And don’t sleep on Buckwild from DITC. Before he hit the production game hard, he had some nice mixtapes including one where he had a joint with Naughty By Nature, Onyx and Biggie called “Flip Dat Shit” that was supposed to be on the “Who’s The Man” soundtrack but never made it. I don’t even think that song ever made it’s way to the radio to this day. And that’s strange considering Biggie is on the record and we like to cherish all of the Biggie verses that we can get since there aren’t many. If you get that record, you are going to have mad people linking to your blog.

    1. DJ Stan Strong had it too. Been looking for that for awhile. You’re right, if you find that, you will get dumb link backs. I have a real low quality rip. I’m looking for the best I can find.

  7. im from philly so 94-98 i was 14 18 im just finding out we never got every tape over here like we thought we heard every clue tape until internet like part 3 to springtime and r&b cruisin with mary j introduction to the firm. but when lox back to back freestyle came out i was in 11 grade had us going crazy but s&s him and puff only ones with lox freestyle off touch me tease me beat like no one posted that craig g tape from 97 it had the lox mase freestyle off busta rhymes beat and mase and kiss had that freestyle off epmd beat yeah but clue will have shit like another verse like nas on john blaze and dogs for life show me the money part two love is all we need nature verse and lox life shit he the only one who had both kiss verses but yeah clue s&s craig g doo wop were the best juice had some exclusives like didnt know dj rated r been out that long like lox family never knew who the dj was

  8. First time visiting your site, I came thru by Nah Right.I have to say this is one of the greatest drops ever. I remember all of the mixtapes above, you just took me back to a great time in my life. Great times playing these tapes, driving to the city about to hit the Tunnel, Muse, Homebase or the Octagon. Thrusday thru Sunday in New York used to be crazy in the clubs. Great music and great times. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. Peace.

  9. Yo just found the site looking for some old mixtapes. My high school years were 92-96 too so this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the uploads and you have a new reader.

    1. yeah sorry i couldn’t find an active link when i was doing my research for this, but it was such a classic i had to post the cover…if i find one i’ll throw it up, or if you come across it hit me up…my boy has the actual tape but he’s out in california for the next few months…worst come to worst when he gets back to town i’ll rip it off his tape myself….peace kid…

      1. finally got the link, check above under the cover. props to my boy at recogthereal.blogspot.com for hooking it up! check his site he’s got MAD CLASSICS.

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