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I’ve been teaching a blogging elective class at a local jewish high school here in Westchester.  My class is made up of a small group of senior boys who kind of remind me of the crew from the movie American Pie.  To their credit, they’re cooler and smarter than those guys, and really passionate about New York sports culture.  So I linked them up with my boy Tommy Dee from The Knicks Blog last week, and they proceeded to throw him in The Toaster, which is an interview show they created for their blog The Bagel’s Roar (a goof on their school’s literary journal The Lion’s Roar).  Watch part one of the video above, where Tommy talks about how he got started blogging and his thoughts on The Knicks this season.  And below, in part two, he discusses why Lebron James should come to New York, his history with jewish girls, and what he likes on his bagel…

I also brought in another prominent sports blogger and author, Adam Zagoria of Zag’s Blog (which gets over a million hits a month), to share some knowledge with my guys from The Bagel’s Roar.  And he ended up getting toasted too…

The Bagel’s Roar is just getting started.  They’re less than a month old, but they’ve got some pretty good stuff up there, including a pretty insane Toaster episode with a kid who got kicked out of school and had to live in the woods for the summer, and also an interview video where they go around asking people at their school who they would hook up with.  Check out their blog HERE.  Shalom.

P.S.  Thanks for the RECOGNITION boys!


Check out this interview Tommy Dee did with Will Leitch of Deadspin, where they discuss new sports media.  Interesting…

Tommy Dee vs. Will Leitch on SNY

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