Northern Lights


The White Stripes documentary Under Great White Northern Lights is set to be released as part of a massive CD/DVD box set on March 16th.  I always liked these two.  I always thought Jack and Meg White were brother and sister, until my boy Leib told me it was just a gas (see comments section).  Turns out they used to be married but told the press they were bro/sis to keep the focus on the music and make their band sound more interesting.  But I digress.  Watch the trailer for the documentary below…

I’m a fan of Jack White’s other band too, The Raconteurs.  Check out this live performance of them in Holland jamming out to “Blue Veins”, one of my favorites off their first album Broken Boy Soldiers

Pre-order The White Stripes box set at their official website.  Rock on.

2 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. FYI, they’re really not bro/sis. It was a rumor. At one time they were married but they were never related in any other way. That movie will be redic though.

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