Presidential Moments


It’s been one year since President Barack Obama took the oath of office.  His approval rating is down, but I still think he has the potential to help our country (and the world) be a better place to live.  My sister Becca sent me over this “pretty incredible” photo gallery by the White House photographer, capturing some great presidential moments from his first year in office, the last shot which is posted above.  Yes, Obama called on his predecessors to help him with the Haiti earthquake relief efforts last week, and this historic photo was taken at the White House after their press conference.  Check out the rest of the pictures in the link below, which includes lots of intimate shots of Obama at the White House and around the world with his staff and family.  They are excellent.

Pictures from President Obama’s First Year

As for some lighter presidential moments, well this speech that George W. Bush made in Miami a few years ago always cracks me up, no matter how many times I watch it.  “Dan Marino and his, uh, really dynamic wife…”  Hahahahaha!!!!

And finally, watch comedian Don Rickles roast President Reagan.  Wow…

Keep going President Obama.  Westcheddar supports you…

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