Winter Wind


D.C. Hip hop producer Oddisee (I know him from my College Park days), who is also 1/3 of the group Diamond District, is back with his latest ode to the seasons, Odd Winter.  It is as eclectic as Odd Summer and Odd Autumn, filled with all sorts of hip hop nuggets, and is definitely worth a listen, especially if you’re in to new sounds and crazy instrumentals.  There’s a few different rappers featured on there too, though Oddisee doesn’t grab the mic for this volume.  My personal favorite is “The Warm Up” featuring lyrics from underground rapper Homeboy Sandman.  Check it out below, along with the link to download the whole project.



Oddisee also keeps a blog, where I spotted a great non-hip hop video by a group I was not familiar with, Kings of Convenience.  Turns out they’ve been around for a while and have some fairly acclaimed albums, so I am in the process of digging through their discography for more gems.  They have a Simon and Garfunkel type harmony thing going on.  Here’s the video I saw on Oddisee’s blog for their song “Boat Behind”.  I really like this.  Feels like summer on a snowy day…

This song made me think of another S & G influenced group (similar harmonies).  A bonus if you will.  Here’s This Is Ivy League’s video for “London Bridges”…

Finally, check out the legends themselves, Paul and Art, performing “The Sound Of Silence” this past fall at MSG for the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Legendary…

Where else could you get Paul Simon and Homeboy Sandman in one post?  It’s Westcheddar baby!  Gimme mines!

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