Mumford’s The Word

My Dudes

I’m sorry, but I need to put my loyal readers on to a band that in hindsight I should’ve included in last month’s Winter Wind post.  Mumford and Sons, a fairly new folk group out of the UK, has a sick buzz building within my inner circle of best buds from White Plains.  My dude Beve aka Stevon White emailed a couple of their songs out to a short list of friends last month, and ever since they’ve been in heavy rotation around the way.  I checked them out online, heard them on WFUV one night coming home from work, and yeah, I was digging them.  I mean, just look at them (above).  How could you not dig these dudes?  They’re maniacs.  Seriously though, I’m not gonna front and say that I’m as passionate about Mumford and Sons as my boys are, but the harmony and raw emotion in this live performance of their song “Timshel” below is undeniable and definitely worthy of Westcheddar shine.  This is brotherly love…

So Mumford and Sons is what it is right now I guess.  Beve saw them live at Bowery Ballroom recently and said it was “life changing”.  His brother Egg Bats has, on more than one occasion, come home from work and stopped everything to listen to the whole CD beginning to end while reading along with the lyrics in the liner notes.  Jon Jo is equally smitten.  And Matty B (Happy Birthday My G) is probably somewhere learning their songs on the guitar right now as you are reading this.  And while some of their recordings may not exactly be MY cup of tea, I feel the Mumford and Sons movement, and embrace their talent and spirit.  Their debut album, Sigh No More, is out now in the US, and available on Itunes, Amazon, etc.  Here’s the link to their official website and Youtube page (they’ve got some killer videos)…

Mumford and Sons Official Website

Mumford and Sons YouTube Channel

I dedicate this post to my good old WP boys from Ogden Avenue and beyond.  Nice to see my click so inspired.  And they should be.  It’s clearly evident that Mumford and Sons is something special.  Cheers!

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