Johnny Honesty


John Mayer is who everyone was talking about yesterday after his already infamous March 2010 Playboy “tell all” interview was published online.  I read the interview, and I’m not sure why everyone is so upset with the guy (other than Jenny).  I guess anytime a white dude publicly drops an “N Bomb”, in whatever context, he’s gonna be scrutinized for it.  But really, he was just being truthful about his life, just as he did in the other interview I recently read with him in Rolling Stone.  He’s obviously going through some shit, but also having lots of fun being a celebrity.  I mean, he grew up a regular guy in New England who wanted to be a rock star, and his dream came true.  Now he has mad money, dates A listers, and has to deal with the paparazzi and the press and everything else that comes along with stardom.  But he’s also a 32 year old guy, like alot of guys out there, who has a fear of marriage and getting older, likes to party and have his freedom, and sometimes would rather just get stoned and/or watch porn and jerk off than deal with his future (not me I’m married hahaha).  Oh, and he prefers white girls.  And he’s not afraid to pop off his mouth, crack jokes, and talk about it all in enormous detail (a little too much information on the wacking off bud).  The only problem is, he cares what people think of him, unlike someone like Tupac who said whatever he was feeling and probably didn’t give a shit what anyone thought of him.  So he has to go back on his words and fix them or apologize for them so that people don’t take what he says the wrong way.  I’m explaining all this because I’m a John Mayer fan.  He’s a guy I admire, a guy like me who grew up playing music and actually made it in the industry.  He’s my age, represents my generation, makes great songs, and plays a mean guitar.  Sure, he’s a bit cocky and arrogant, and as funny as he is sometimes, his jokes aren’t always told in the best taste.  But whatever.  That’s who he is.  At least he’s being honest.  Stop apologizing Johnny Boy.  Keep telling it like it is.  That, or just shut the fuck up, and keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself.  One or the other.  Your call.  Either way I’m still going to listen to your music.




2 thoughts on “Johnny Honesty

  1. While I didnt lose any sleep over this just cuz we can say whatever we want isn’t always the green to say it. He was making a semi valid point with piss poor execution. He got too comfy and attempted to express a view SOME people have with the wrong word. I mean for those folk that dont see the “big deal” then I ask them to say the same thing in mixed people. I know white folk to use the N word regardless of setting but if u gonna go apologize after the fact then you knew you shouldn’t have tried it. Ooooh well. He makes good music with todays hip hop elite so he’ll be ok.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts Nightfall. In fact, I think he proved his point even more by making his point the wrong way. No matter how many relationships he forms with Jay-Z or Kanye West or whoever, he still will never be able to publicly use that word without getting shit for it, which is an example of how he never really will have a hood pass. If he did have a hood pass, he wouldn’t be getting a bunch of heat for dropping an N Bomb. He’s too well known anyway for the general public to let that slide, even if he was actually making a good point about race issues and how they apply to his celebrity status. But you’re right, he’ll be okay, because deep down, he’s not racist, and he has the friendships to prove it. I didn’t really go into just that part of the interview above, because I didn’t want all the focus to be on that, but you’re right to discuss it in more detail. It’s worthy of discussion. Thanks for the comment.

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