How To Make It In America


HBO’s newest series How To Make It In America starts this Sunday, but you can preview the first episode in its entirety right here, thanks to HBO leaking it on YouTube.  I guess they’re trying to get a buzz brewing in the blogosphere (Green Lantern also made a promotional mixtape, get it at NahRight).  The show follows a group of young men hustling to make it in Manhattan.  Think east coast Entourage, except these boys haven’t blown up yet.  Seems like it has potential to be pretty good.  And it has a cool cast of young guys, including Kid Cudi.  Check out the first episode below…

Well, what do you think?  Any good?  Let me know…


My favorite interviewer Nardwuar recently filmed a one on one with Kid Cudi, and asked him about the new TV show, as well as a bunch of other music related questions (until Cudi abruptly ends the interview and bounces).  Check it out.  And keep your eyes open for Nardwuar vs. Matisyahu, coming soon…

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