New Look Knicks

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Big game last night, and the whole Isenberg Fam was in the building for it.  Shout to my pops, Jimmy I, for coming through with the tickets.  We’d been talking about going to a Knicks game for a while, and I told him the Oklahoma City Thunder was the team to check for right now.  Durant is a scoring machine, and Westbrook is a problem.  Turns out with Tracy McGrady and the rest of the new Knicks making their debut last night after some hyped up trades, we picked the right game to attend.

The Garden was definitely rocking and filled to capacity.  I saw John Starks as we were walking to our seats in the hallway (ironic because McGrady is sporting his #3 now see below), and all I could think to do was yell right in his face “LEGEND”.  He appreciated it.  My wife, who supposedly “loved John Starks” as a teenage girl because she felt bad that he had to wear that mask on his face when he broke his nose back in the day, missed the Starks sighting.  She was too busy talking to my sister about baby furniture or some shit.

It was a great game, neck and neck until the last buzzer, went into overtime, and I gotta say the new Knicks looked good even though they lost.  McGrady had a productive game, making lots of high energy shots and nice passes, but he missed two clutch free throws down the stretch which kinda cost them the win.  And I like Eddie House, he’s a nice addition to the club and brings some personality to the rotation.  For a bunch of guys who’ve never played together, it was a better than decent showing.  I see potential.  But I still think there’s some more guys to get rid of.  And of course, we gotta get Lebron.  Come on Bron Bron, what superstar athlete wouldn’t want to play in New York?  Check the highlights from last night’s game below…

By the way, Durant really is sick with it.  He made some huge shots last night.  He’s my favorite player in the NBA right now.  Check Tommy Dee (who we chilled with at halftime) at The Knicks Blog for more commentary on last night’s game HERE.  Scream.

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