DJ Diapers

Events, My Dudes

Baby Season is creeping up slowly here in Westcheddar, and I am taking notes from some of my close pals who already have seeds, trying to make sense of what it is going to be like to raise my son, and what I want to teach him to at an early age.  Of course, many people ask me already, “are you going to teach him how to rap?”  We shall see about that, but yeah, that’s my son, he’s gonna be spitting fire regardless if I teach him or not because IT’S IN HIS BLOOD.  Well my dude DJ Destro (above left with Uncle Mack) has already taught his two year old son how to work the turntables.  At a recent community hip hop event hosted by Lord Judah (what up my G) at Manhattanville College, DJ Destro let his son, DJ Diapers, show off his skills on the 1s and 2s.  Check the video…

As my wife would say, “OH MY GOD HE’S SOOOO CUTE”.  Keep doing your thing DJ Diapers, I’m gonna have a rapper for you to team up with very soon.  Cheah!

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