A Courtship Of Rivals

Sports, The Good Old Days

HBO’s new documentary on Magic Johnson and Larry Bird A Courtship Of Rivals is as amazing as I thought it was going to be.  Tracking both of their interwoven careers from high school hoop dreams to Olympic gold, the doc tells the story of two ballers who spent their careers going at each other on the court battling for NCAA and NBA championships, and how along the way they became life long friends.  These two guys were my heroes growing up.  And they always will be.  Here’s a clip from HBO’s A Courtship Of Rivals

And just to bring it back to the days shooting hoops on Ogden Avenue with my brothers other mothers Mike and Johnny Halas, the Cuddy boys, JT, Matty B, Apo, and the rest of the Highlands pound, I present the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird Superstars music videos.  We used to watch this VHS tape on weekend mornings over and over and over, shoot around out back at the Halas hoop, eat lunch, play ball at Highlands Middle School until it was time for dinner, eat, then play knockout back at the Halas hoop until it was time for bed….

Def check your HDTV dial for A Courtship Of Rivals, it just premiered so I’m sure they’ll be running it all month on HBO.  Has there ever been a better rivalry between two athletes better than Magic/Bird in the history of sports?

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