Skeff Anselm, He Gets Props Too

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As a longtime A Tribe Called Quest fan, I always knew Skeff Anselm’s name from the shoutout he gets on “Jazz (We’ve Got).” But I never knew that much about him beyond that. Turns out dude was around all the greats back in the day—engineering sessions, producing records, and DJ’ing live shows—so he had plenty to talk about during his appearance on hip-hop podcast The Cipher. Listen above to hear about Skeff’s contributions to classic albums by Tribe, Brand Nubian, Diamond D, and more.

RIP Don Rickles

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Rickleshat-800x500The world lost a comedy legend last week—the original King of the Roast Don Rickles. I’ve been paying my respects by re-watching some old YouTube clips of his, and I invite you all to please join me because they are hysterical. Here are three of my favorites—watch Don Rickles roast Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Ronald Reagan below. Look how hard everyone was laughing, and nonstop. He was the greatest!

Some bonus stuff…

Watch Frank Sinatra share a hilarious story about Don Rickles during a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson HERE. And Adam Sandler shares some old stories with Jimmy Kimmel HERE.

This is truly the end of an era. RIP Don Rickles.

Hangin’ With The Fillmore Boys

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The New Yorker writer Hua Hsu posted this rare, early ’90s video clip last night on Twitter of the Beastie Boys hanging out on the street in the Fillmore district of San Francisco with local rap group Totally Insane. As a Bay Area native and a huge Beasties fan, this makes me so happy. Plus the song they’re listening to is dope! Check it out it in full below, it’s called “What Ya Know” off their 1992 album District From The Backstreet.



White Chalk Part II (Reference Verse)

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Damn, son. Twenty years since Biggie was murdered. Fucking sucks.

But today is a day to celebrate his life, so I pulled out this unreleased reference verse Biggie laid down for Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s song “White Chalk Part II” for you all to enjoy. Not sure many rap fans have heard this one—I just discovered it for the first time a few months ago. Shout to DJ Capone with the exclusive. Listen/download below.


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