X Marks The Spot

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I posted the link below last night to the first ever BGC Open Mic (which I hosted at my job), but I wanted to give my boy Xavier Simmons his proper shine, because he especially went in with the spoken word.  Xavier has transformed in the past six months from a rapper to a full fledged musician and writer, focusing more on poetry and writing songs on the piano than just murdering instrumentals (which trust me he can do with ease).  Here’s his performance from the BGC Open Mic, titled “The Mechanics Of Life”….

Crazy, right?  My G is gifted with it.  More videos and pics from the open mic HERE.  Please check it out, there were some great performances by some really talented kids.  And before I go, I gotta throw the video up of my dudes the Gym Lawyer Band, two of my best friends who performed together live for the first time in over a year at the event (you might recognize Matty B from “Hammer”).  How raw are these guys?

Lots of talent in Westchester County.  Who else is out there?  Holler at your boy and let me know so I can check them out.  Uno.

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