Puba Snacks


Grand Puba is my favorite rapper to ever represent the 914 (Now Rule stand up!).  I listened to his first album non-stop throughout my freshman year of high school.  Today, I stumbled upon a brand new Best of Grand Puba mix, done by Bay Area DJ Tim Diesel, and it’s dope.  Here’s the tracklist…

1. Very Special – Grand Puba
2. Who Can Get Busy Like This Man? – Brand Nubian
3. Foundation – Brand Nubian
4. Actual Facts – Lord Finesse
5. Bread & Butter – Beanie Sigel
6. Love vs. Hate – Brand Nubian
7. Keep On – Grand Puba
8. A Little Of This – Grand Puba
9. Probable Cause – Brand Nubian
10. Open Bar – Sadat X
11. Momma – Brand Nubian
12. Soul Controller – Grand Puba
13. My Struggles – Missy Elliott
14. What’s The 411? – Mary J. Blige
15. Check It Out – Grand Puba feat. Mary J. Blige
16. Ya Know How It Goes – Grand Puba
17. Mind Your Business – Grand Puba
18. Change Gonna Come – Grand Puba
19. Who Makes The Loot? – The Brand New Heavies
20. Back Up Off The Wall – Brand Nubian
21. The Beat Change – Brand Nubian
22. I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are) – Grand Puba
23. Play It Cool – Grand Puba
24. Let’s Get It On – Eddie F. & The Untouchables
25. Watch The Sound – Fat Joe
26. Check Tha Resume – Grand Puba
27. Slow Down – Brand Nubian
28. Shinin’ Star – Brand Nubian
29. Step To The Rear – Brand Nubian
30. To The Right – Brand Nubian
31. Are You Ready – The Beatnuts
32. 360º (What Goes Around) – Grand Puba
33. All For One – Brand Nubian
34. One To The Knot – Masters Of Ceremony
35. Drop The Bomb – Brand Nubian
36. Dedication – Brand Nubian
37. Wake Up (Reprise In The Sunshine) – Brand Nubian

Download/Stream the mix HERE (it’s one mp3, let it ride).  And below are some classic Grand Puba videos for your enjoyment…

Grand Puba “What Goes Around (360 Degrees)”

Grand Puba and Mary J. Blige “What’s The 411?” Yo! MTV Raps

Fat Joe featuring Grand Puba and Diamond D “Watch the Sound”


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