Westcheddar Radio #3: Spring Forward

Westcheddar Radio

Spring is here!  Finally, dude.  What a winter.  Snow, sleet, crazy winds and rain.  You name it, we had it here in Westchester County.  But now the sun is out, and the warm weather has arrived, and I couldn’t be happier.  To help celebrate the first day of spring, I present Westcheddar Radio #3: Spring Forward, hosted by myself and Fitz Winkleman.  Got a great episode for you to listen to, with an eclectic mix of soul, indie, 90’s hip hop, and roots reggae music.  Check the artist lineup above, and download/stream the show below…


Thanks for listening!  Hope you enjoy the show, and the nice spring weather.  And if you missed our first two episodes, you can check out the Westcheddar Radio archives RIGHT HERE.  And special thanks to my boy David Roy for the artwork.  Peace…

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