Nardwuar Interviews Matisyahu

Interviews, My Dudes

Nardwuar the Human Serviette, my favorite interviewer on the planet (he’s interviewed everyone from Jay-Z to Kurt Cobain), recently linked up for an interview with Matisyahu while he was in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics.  I have to take credit for putting this together, as I reached out to both of them a while back suggesting they connect the next time Matisyahu was in Vancouver, which is Narduwar’s home base.  The video footage is coming soon, but for now, here’s the audio segment from Nardwuar’s radio show which includes the very entertaining interview with Matis (Nardwuar did his research!!) and also some live and studio recorded Matisyahu and Stan Ipcus music.  Thanks for sending me the exclusive picture Nardwuar, and also for playing my songs on your show!  Have a good dinner (haha that’s how Nardwuar ends all his emails)!



Check out Matis performing “One Day” and “On Nature” with the PS 22 chorus in Staten Island (I posted their original performance HERE)…

More pics and details about Matis’ collaboration with the PS 22 chorus HERE!!!!

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