Dads On Vacation

My Dudes

I’ve got a really fun site for you to check out.  Dads On Vacation.  It’s basically a tumblr blog where people submit pictures of just that, Dads on vacation.  It captures their hilarious gear, beach belly poses, funny faces, and all the other great things that only Dads can get away with when they’re on vacation.  Scroll through it when you can, it’s fun!  And feel free to submit pictures.  I did, and the author of the blog posted the shot above of my godfather Boxer, which I sent in from a Westcheddar interview I did about the trip he took with my Dad to Alaska a couple summers ago.  As someone who is on the brink of fatherhood, I can’t wait to go on vacation with my wife and kid(s) and wear ridiculous outfits and pose for some insane pictures.  I might even get a fanny pack just for the fun of it!


Shout out to Clark Griswold, that’s my dude.  And thanks to Frank151’s blog for putting me on the this site.


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