The Life And Times Of Stan

Stan Ipcus

This is probably the last track I will record before the birth of my first child, who is due in the next couple weeks.  I dedicate this to him (yeah it’s a boy), and to my wife, who has been so amazing over these past nine months.  I’ve been wanting to rock over this Pharcyde “Passin’ Me By” instrumental for a while, and finally did.  I don’t really write raps that much any more, at least not like I used to, but I still love it and do it when the inspiration hits me.  This one is kind of a look back on some of the good times I had coming up, and a peek at what I’ve got going on right now too.  Truthfully, these have been the most amazing and exciting months of my life, watching our baby grow inside of my wife’s belly, and getting ready for his birth.  Shout to my boy David Roy for the superfresh artwork, based off the animated HBO series that my friend Nick Kroll stars in, The Life And Times Of Tim.  Here’s the song…


If you missed it, check out the last song I did, “Nothing U Can Do”, produced by Kaliph, HERE.

2 thoughts on “The Life And Times Of Stan

  1. howdy,
    just thought i’d post a couple words here. really love your blog, and congrats on the upcoming addition to your family! really like the music too. hope you’re havin a good one!

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