Black Plains

My Dudes

I first met Ace Dot back in the day when he was rapping with Bizkit.  I drove the two of them down to Maryland to record tracks for a few days at Bobby and Bless’ crib, and they put in work.  Unfortunately, Bizkit and my boy Wolfie were killed a year or so later in a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway.  To honor their memory, and also support the release of Ace Dot’s new mixtape which is making its way through the streets right now, I dug up some old footage from Grasshoppa’s very well known local TV show The D.U.N.J.U.N., featuring Ace Dot, Bizkit (RIP), Wolfie (RIP), and his older brother Big Wolf (what up my G).  And below, watch Ace Dot’s new promo video for the cut “Black Plains” from his latest mixtape, below.  It’s straight project hallway hood shit, and it’s all about what’s going on right now in the streets in WP.  Good to see Ace Dot still rapping, and repping the hometown.

When Bizkit and Wolfie passed away, it hit White Plains real hard.  These two guys were already legendary in their late teens.  Wolfie was an honorary member of our crew, even though he was four years younger than us.  He would always hang out and ball with us at Highlands and spit freestyles up at the Pavilion and in my basement (I still got tapes).  One of the funniest and nicest guys I’ve ever known.  And Bizkit was the dopest up and coming MC who was set to blow, and was an equally great guy.  I guess only the good die young.  Also, I gotta give a RIP shout out to Larry Warren, another friend and local legend who was killed at a young age.  You all are forever missed and will never be forgotten.  More classic D.U.N.J.U.N. footage coming soon here at Westcheddar.  Big ups to Grasshoppa!!!  White Plains stand up!!!!

*Wolfie (RIP), Beve, and Ip on Ogden Avenue in the late 90’s*

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