Football With Attitude

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My cousin CI at No Mas NYC collaborated with Ice Cube on his 30 for 30 ESPN Documentary Straight Outta LA, adding on with some fresh animated segments courtesy of  James Blagden (same artist from “Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No”).

It airs tonight on ESPN.  Don’t miss it.  More info HERE.  Here’s a quote from my cuz, and also peep the CNN clip below…

“Straight Outta LA” gets into that sweet spot of sports and culture: NWA, The LA Raiders, gangster rap and actual gangs, starter jackets, corduroy hats, Lester Hayes, Rod Martin, Marcus Allen, The LA riots, and the madman/genius Left Coast Steinbrenner of football–Al Davis. This is the most interesting pro football can get.


Finally, take a look at the new LA Raiders x Starter x No Mas NYC Finisher Bag



Watch the doc on Nah Right.

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