Rappin’ With The Rickster

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Ricky Powell embodies everything that is NYC street culture.  He’s a real interesting dude, who pioneered hip hop photography (he was known as “the fourth Beastie Boy”), had his own public access talk show, and to this day continues to make his mark as a true artist with a passion for music, sports, and New York life.  My buddy Nardwuar just sent me over a link to an interview he did with Powell, promoting his upcoming slideshow in Vancouver, where he supposedly pulls out all sorts of pics and puts on a show with them that he describes as “heart attack funny”.  Listen to the interview below…

Nardwuar x Ricky Powell Interview

Ricky Powell also has a DVD coming out, with highlights from his talk show Rappin’ With The Rickster.  Check out his official guide to the show below, published on the Village Voice website, which features clips of him with The Beastie Boys.  Also below is a video promo for the DVD…

Village Voice x Ricky Powell’s Official Guide to Rappin’ With The Rickster

And wouldn’t you know, my cousin CI from No Mas NYC published a special No Mas edition of Frank 151 a few years back, which featured a head to head face off between him and Ricky Powell to see who had the iller sports card collection.  Peep the battle…

Cop the special No Mas edition of Frank 151, which is super dope, on the No Mas NYC website.  And keep your eyes open for that Ricky Powell DVD.  I’ll hollerrr.

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