Baby Beats


I was very hesitant at first to embrace these Rockabye Baby! CDs when I first discovered them while registering for my wife’s baby shower.  I heard a sample in the store, and I thought they were kind of weird and wack.  Although I was happy when we received the CDs as gifts, I figured I’d rather just put my son on to the real thing rather than lullaby renditions of songs by my favorite artists, which is basically what all these CDs are.  But now that my son is here, I’ve come to realize that they’re dope.  He really loves them!  We put them on in the car or in the crib, and he completely chills out to them.  In fact, during the first month or so of his life, he was having trouble relaxing in his car seat, but once we started thumping these in the whip, yo!  He was a changed baby!  Now in his car seat, whether he’s asleep or awake, he’s completely content, and I give some of that credit (even though he’s a really chill baby) to these Rockabye CDs.  Most of the time they just put him right to sleep.  And they’re fun for the parents because they’re songs we like, just baby muzak’d out with bells and shit.

Of course, I prefer actual music, but since my son is only a couple months old, I feel him on only wanting to hear soft sounds and melodies.  My dude can’t understand words yet or decipher the different sounds of mad instruments at once.  I mean, how the hell is he gonna understand song lyrics (especially rap) anyway at such a young age?  It must be frustrating for him.  Now, he can become familiar with the classic artists that his parents love, but on his own terms.  So to my new parents or parents-to-be, I recommend that you give these a shot.  They’re fun for you, but more importantly, your babies will love them.  At least ours does.  Check the new Kanye West one out (cover above), I just got it.  My other favorite is the Bob Marley joint.  Stream/buy them both below.


And check out the rest of their selection HERE.  They’ve got everyone from Elvis Presley to Metallica.  By the way, if you don’t have kids or don’t plan on having any soon, don’t bother checking these out.  You’ll just feel like you’re in a baby elevator with no floor to get out on.  But if one day you are expecting, refer back to this post.


Kanye West just premiered a new song on Hot 97 this afternoon he supposedly recorded last night, featuring Beyonce.  Get it HERE, along with his half hour interview with Angie Martinez.  And follow him on Twitter HERE!

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