The Greatest Of All Time


Video game, that is.  I’m not a big gamer or anything, but I do own a PS3.  And the sole reason I have it is to play NBA 2K when I get the itch.  It really is the greatest video game ever.  I grew up playing all the classic basketball NBA games, from NBA Jam to Bulls vs. Lakers and all those, then NBA Live, then NBA Street, through all the systems from Sega Genesis to now Playstation 3, and now for the past year it’s been all about NBA 2K.  At this point they’ve really perfected the NBA video game experience.  No wonder NBA 2K is the all time #1 basketball game seller.  I’m sorry but EA’s NBA Live (now called NBA Elite I think) can’t fuck with it.  The NBA 2K graphics are ridiculously real, the gameplay is bananas, the features are endless, the music and announcing is great, and the online connection stays up to date with the season, from the schedule to the stats to the trades to the, well, everything.  And now, for NBA 2K11, they brought back Michael Jordan as the poster boy, and you can officially without codes or bullshit play with him and all the classic teams and players we grew up with from the past (not just wack 80’s and 90’s All-Star teams) which is what I’ve been wishing they would do forever!  Just peep the video trailer, then mark your calendars for October 5th, that’s when it comes out….

For the record, I’m really not as nice as I used to be at video games, nor do I really have time to play that much (I only rock a few times a month if I’m lucky), but if you have PS3 get at me when this drops, we gonna get it poppington this season.  Let’s get gamed out!  Big shout out to my boy J. Tunas for sending me the trailer!  You can bring that bitch ass Miami Heat squad of yours, I’m coming with the old school Knicks!  Patrick Ewing and them!  Let’s gooooooooooo!

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