Record Heaven

Fly Spots

Last year, after visiting a great little music shop in Laguna Beach, California on my honeymoon, I posted about some of my favorite places to buy music.  Well, Rolling Stone magazine recently came out with their own Top 25 list of The Best Record Stores In The USA.  We both were in agreement that Amoeba Music is the best store out there (Come to New York!).  Check out the rest of their list in the link below.  And to think, NYC only has one store on here (check the picture above of Greenwich Village’s Other Music).  Shout out to Baltimore for having a couple spots in the Top 25, that’s what’s up (Max Bee just recently took me to one of them last time I was in town)….


Man, I’d love to take a road trip across country one day to visit all these shops.  Better do it soon before they all go out of business!  Support your local record store!  I wish I could say I had one, but honestly, there are NONE in Westchester County.  Bummer dude.

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