Wax And Mac


I sware me and this dude Wax are long lost rap relatives.  Never heard of him until yesterday when I saw a video of him spitting with Westcheddar native Andy Milonakis, and I had a reaction that I don’t think I’ve had in a very very  long time when hearing a fellow white rapper, maybe never, which was “Yo, this dude is fucking nice!”  I checked out some more of his YouTube clips (he’s got a ton) and the one above is my favorite.  Holy shit he goes in hard body for like 6 minutes over a real laidback beat.  Turns out he’s from Baltimore and now lives in California.  So I hollered at my B’More bro Max Bee to see if he had heard of him, and sure enough, he’s known him for years.  So my question to you Max, my brother, is WHY THE FUCK DID YOU NEVER TELL ME ABOUT THIS DUDE?  Straight skills.  To tell you the truth, he reminds me of myself.  Props to Wax!

For more, check out his website, YouTube channel, and follow him on Twitter.

In addition, I’ve been meaning to post about this up and coming white rapper out of Pittsburgh named Mac Miller.  Dude is straight out of high school and has a ridiculous internet buzz right now, and it’s well deserved.  He’s dope, and so are his crispy music videos.  I won’t go into how he kinda bit the “My Ferris Buellers” chorus on his song “Nikes On My Feet”, it’s all g.  I’m glad to see him bubbling.  He can rap, and he’s got a cool style, especially when he rocks over NY 90’s type shit.  Here’s my two favorite videos from him, “La La La La” (above) and “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” (below, which now has over 1 million views)…

And here’s my favorite cut of his latest mixtape K.I.D.S., “Traffic In The Sky”.  This shit is fresh.

Stay up to date with Mac Miller HERE.  Best of luck to both these dudes as they continue on!!!

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