Hasidic Hustle

My Dudes

Shem’s Disciples, led by my dudes the Sobol Brothers (Moshe and Aaron) are gearing up to drop their second album.  Here’s the video for their first single, “Nachum Ish Gam Zu”, who was known for the phrase which translates into “this, too, is for the good”.  Read more about the man and story behind the phrase HERE.  Great lyrics, nice roots reggae beat too.  Video below…

Yo Moshe, you did your thing in that video!!!  Download the MP3 HERE.  And in a related release of sorts, check out the trailer for Holy Rollers, the story (based on true events) of some young Hasidic men from New York who smuggle ecstasy into the USA from Europe.  Starring Jesse Eisenberg, and featuring Q-Tip!  Looks interesting…



Check out the new Michael In The Middle EP from Westcheddar representative JSWISS (who you might remember from my Dobbs Dudes post), which features production from Shem’s Disciples.  Get it HERE.

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