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I’ve been totally nerding it up lately, listening to comedy podcasts in my car to and fro work, and also while shoveling snow (which has been happening weekly this winter).  I first discovered comedian Marc Maron’s interview style show WTF a couple months ago, and ever since I’ve been hooked.  He basically starts each episode by going on a little rant, like why he can’t find any good seashells at the beach anymore or something wacky like that, and then he interviews a featured guest.  Most of his interviews are done from his garage, but occasionally he’ll take his show on the road.  And he interviews all sorts of comedians, from big dogs like Robin Williams and Ben Stiller, to up and comers like Aziz Ansari, about the ins and outs of their craft, and also about their careers and how they came up.  The interviews are very insightful, interesting, and of course, funny.  And Westcheddar’s favorite comedian, Nick Kroll, has been on the podcast a couple times in character as El Chupacabra.  Check out this clip of Kroll aka El Chupacabra and Maron live from the garage.  Off the hook…

Maron’s podcast is free, but probably not for long.  He recently was written up in Rolling Stone magazine, and has a nice buzz circulating in the rapidly growing comedy podcast world as one of the trendsetters.  Definitely check out his archives and see if any names pop out that interest you.  I’ll start you with a couple recommendations…

WTF with Judd Apatow PART ONE and PART TWO

WTF with Aziz Ansari

WTF with Thomas Lennon (RENO 911, I Love You, Man, The State)

WTF with Adam McKay (Writer, Producer Eastbound and Down, Anchorman)

Actually, it looks like you have to buy the old episodes with Robin Williams and Ben Stiller on Itunes now, which shows that WTF is blowing up, because just a couple weeks ago they were free.  Def worth the purchase though.  Check his website and link below for more episodes and info…

WTF Podcast with Marc Maron

WTF Podcast ALL EPISODES (free and premium)

Oh, and if you missed it this past Saturday, keep your eyes open for the replay of Nick Kroll’s one hour Comedy Central special Thank You Very Cool, or get it HERE. It was awesome!  Congrats Nick!


Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident with Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll Interview with Punchline Magazine


Bobby Bottleservice on Hot 97 with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg!!!!!

Also, Bobby B. does style consulting at The Hundreds store in NYC HERE.  Nice, bro.


Read Bobby Bottleservice x Complex Valentine’s Day interview HERE, bro.

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