Stat and Melo

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So the Knicks made it happen and got Carmelo Anthony.  I can’t front, watching him be announced in MSG for his first game Wednesday night was one of the most exciting sports moments I’ve ever witnessed as a Knicks fan.  I was sad to see my dogs get traded away, particularly Raymond Felton who I instantly became a huge fan of when he came to New York this past summer.  And my wife was a little tore up about Gallo getting dealt away.  But once the game started, the reality of Melo being here washed away any signs of lingering sadness.  And Chauncey Billups is a strong pickup in the deal too!  New York basketball was back when Amar’e got here, but now it’s REALLY back!  And it only took about 24 hours for the “Black and Yellow” remix we were all waiting for to hit the internet, “Stat and Melo”.  Props to the kid Judge Hyp who made this, he did a good job.  Amar’e even gave it his co-sign in a tweet!

“Miami Heat?  That’s nothin’…”  Well, we’ll see on Sunday if Stat and Melo can shut down Wade and Lebron.  Should be a super fun game to watch.  For now, let’s savor the highlights from Carmelo Anthony’s first game as a Knick (watch below), and hope they can handle Cleveland tonight…

As always, for all Knicks related news and opinions, stay tuned to my dude Tommy Dee and The Knicks Blog.  GO NY GO NY GO!!!


Tough loss to the Cavs on Friday night, but the Knicks beat the Heat!

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