Friday Night Live


What’s a better activity for a Friday night than checking out some live music?  Well, for those of us that are stuck in the unfortunate position of not being able to go out on this brisk March evening, Westcheddar presents Friday Night Live, a medley of some of my favorite live music clips, past and present.  Enjoy the show…

Bob Marley “Bad Card” (Live rehearsal in studio, 1980)

This is one of the most slept on Bob Marley cuts, and actually the first time I heard it was when I saw this clip on one of his video biographies.  Ill footage…

The Avett Brothers “Murder In The City” (Live in San Francisco 2009)

The Avett Brothers just tore it down at the Grammy’s (alongside Mumford & Sons and Bob Dylan), and are certainly on my bucket list of bands to see live.  Here’s the best song from their The Second Gleam EP, which is my favorite of their releases.  Respect the fan footage, it makes you feel like you’re in the festival crowd…

Cold War Kids “Royal Blue” (Live on Jimmy Kimmel 1/11)

I’ve always liked this band.  They have a new album out, Mine Is Yours, and this groovy rock tune is one of the standouts from it.  When I play the intro, my son 9 month old son automatically starts rocking his head and body front to back…

Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good” (Live on The DL Show, 2007)

Every Friday night needs a woman.  Here’s Amy Winehouse, at the peak of her dopeness, just flat out going in on her first single from Back To Black

John Legend “Stay With You” (Live in Philly 2002)

This was my wedding song.  It’s cool to see him performing it before he blew up…

Eminem “Wake Up Show Freestyle” (Live, 1998)

My boy D-Noyd let me borrow his Wake Up Show VHS tape back in college, and this clip was on it.  There was no doubt that Em was gonna blow up crazy back then, especially after seeing this shit.  This might be the greatest rap radio performance in the history of, well, rap radio…

The Black Keys “Howlin’ For You” (Live on KCRW, 12/10)

The Black Keys just won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album.  And they totally deserved it.  This is one of the songs from Brothers that I’ve been pumping alot lately…

Stevie Wonder “Rocket Love” (Live, 1995)

Stevie Wonder is a musical genius!  Say it like Eddie Murphy, it’s fun.  You might recognize the melody to this song off his album Hotter Than July if you’re a Wu Tang fan.  Click the vid below, and the link to Youtube will pop up (pardon me, it won’t play directly on the site but it’s so good I had to include it)…

Well, that’s it for Friday Night Live.  Thanks for coming to the show!


I heard Iron & Wine’s set/interview on WFUV’s Studio A sessions with Rita Houston the other night on my ride home from work, and wanted to add some footage from it to this post.  This song, “Tree By The River”, is on his new album Kiss Each Other Clean.  Peep the pretty, stripped down version below…

Catch ya later, dudes…

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