Ocean Sounds


Fleet Foxes new album Helplessness Blues is coming out in May, and their first video is now online for the world to enjoy.  FF is def one of the cooler and more talented new bands on the indie/folk/acoustic/rock scene (this will be their second full length release), and their video for “Grown Ocean” is a great glimpse into their world.  Watch above…

And in somewhat related music news, Frank Ocean is a young new soul artist who is part of California’s Odd Future camp (rapper Tyler The Creator is leading their movement with songs/vids like THIS).  Dude is buzzing heavy right now due to his OF affiliation and the high quality of his music.  He’s even been in the lab with Beyonce recently.  I’m digging these two songs off his solo release Nostalgia/Ultra, “Swim Good” (above) and “Novocane” (below).  Frank Ocean ladies and gentlemen!

“Brain like Berkeley”.  Great line.  Def watch out for more from Frank Ocean, he’s dope.  And of course, cop that Fleet Foxes when it drops.  Perfect for summer camping….


Check out these three new acoustic (solo) songs from Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold, they’re very niiiiice.  Then, you have to watch this Nardwuar interview Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats from Odd Future.  These kids are off the yelzabar, as is Nardwuar…

Free Earl!

2 thoughts on “Ocean Sounds

  1. thats crazy I was peeping this interview a couple weeks ago.that Bacon soap and the james pants parts were funny as hell. you can see,that weirdness aside, tyler the creator listens to some random fresh ass music, and is intellectually deeper than most would think. hes still crazy though.

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