Shins Shizz


I’m one of the biggest Shins fans on the planet.  So when I heard James Mercer (lead singer) played a new song of theirs at a recent benefit concert in Portland, I got super open.  Not to be confused with THESE.  Check out the performance of the untitled song above, it’s verrry niiiiice.  Video isn’t the best, but the audio quality is clean.  And for good measure, I thought I’d post a classic live performance of “When I Goosestep” from 2004, which happens to be one of my favorite Shins songs (the stripped down version not the Wicker Park version, duh).  I’m such a Shins nerd…

Hopefully that new Shins album will be coming out sometime this year.  Actually, James Mercer and Danger Mouse’s group Broken Bells just dropped a little EP Meyrin Fields.  Listen to the best song off it, “Windows”, HERE.  And I’ve been waiting for a reason to post this James Mercer interview he did with himself a few years back (during the Chutes Too Narrow days).  Weird but cool.  Watch!

By the way, in somewhat related news, I got my hands on that new Fleet Foxes album, and it’s pretty fuckin’ dope.  Cop that May 3rd.  Uno.


Paste Magazine just put out a list of their Top Ten Shins Songs (So Far).  Props to them for putting the stripped-down recording above of “When I Goosestep” at #1!  Read/listen HERE.

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