Prodigy Returns


Prodigy, one half of Mobb Deep and quite possible my favorite rapper of all time, was released from prison earlier this year after serving a three year sentence for a gun charge.  During his time locked up, Pee finished writing his autobiography, The Infamous Life, which is now in stores as of yesterday (jacket above).  He also just put out The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP, a free batch of seven new songs, produced mostly by his teammates The Alchemist and Sid Roams, to coincide with the release of his book (via, see cover below).  The EP is the same kind of murderous material a Prodigy/Mobb Deep fan would expect, but there are very slight hints of a more mature, introspective rapper too, which is a good thing.  And the book, well, I’m four chapters in and I can’t put it down.  He’s got some really interesting and wild stories of growing up on both sides of the tracks, battling illness, and of course, thugging it out with his crew while pursuing his dreams of rap stardom.  I imagine that once the book gets into his life as a rap superstar, it will only get better.  Shout to my wife for giving it to me yesterday as a two year wedding anniversary present.  Check the links below to buy the book online, download the free EP, and read the detailed Complex interview with the man himself…

The Autobiography of Prodigy My Infamous Life (Amazon)

Free Download: Prodigy The Ellsworrth Bumpy Johnson EP (Complex)

Complex x Prodigy Interview & Excerpts from My Infamous Life (Complex)

Complex has been killing it lately, right?  I’m glad to be affiliated.  Oh yeah, have you heard Mobb Deep’s latest collaboration “Dog Shit” with fellow QB brethren Nas, produced by The Alchemist?  This is a must listen:

Look for more Mobb Deep music coming soon.  Supposedly Prodigy has 20 albums worth of material written from when he was behind bars and already over 70 songs recorded in the short time since he’s been out.  That’s what’s up, dun.


Prodigy x Peter Rosenberg Interview (Hot 97)

Free Download: Curren$y x The Alchemist Covert Coup EP (featuring Prodigy)

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