Hype Jews


I love a good podcast episode, it’s true.  I’ve featured a few on Westcheddar in the past, and this one is certainly worthy of some shine.  Hype Men, a hip hop/comedy podcast hosted by the Rosenthal Brothers from ItsTheReal (Westcheddar Interview Alumni who grew up in Harrison) and their buddy Jenson Karp (who is a former white rapper), had some pretty cool guests on the show in its first year, from producer Just Blaze to comedian Hannibal Burress.  But last week, the boys brought in by far their most intriguing guest yet, a man I’ve written about here on Westcheddar before, Fat Jew.  Here’s their description of the episode:

TV personality / actor / former rapper Fat Jew joins the Hype Men to discuss Duck Down Records + beefing with nice white rappers + Paul Barman’s je ne sais quoi + how much we hate Jewish spoofs + sneaking into a Jamiroquai concert + freestyling circles in high school + unintentional gay rap lyrics + friends who love Fat Jew but hate his rapping + prank calling Bono + the funniest 5 minutes on Hype Men ever + much, much more!

It’s basically an insane overload of Jewish hip hop nerdery, and Fat Jew makes it a very funny listen.  He’s quite a character.  Oh, did I mention that they name drop Stan Ipcus while trying to list as many white rappers as they can think of?  Hahahaha, they do.  Click the link below to listen/download:

Hype Men with Fat Jew

If you missed it, check out the Westcheddar Fat Jew feature HERE.  Happy Passover!!

*Passover Bonus*

This kid is a middle school student at Solomon Schechter (where I teach once a week in Greenburgh), and his music video is making lots of noise on the internet.  Made in celebration of his recent Bar Mitzvah, “I’m Zack” already has over 300,00 views in one month!  Check it out…

Stand back!

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