DJ Roz Presents Champion Sounds

My Dudes, Stan Ipcus

You wanna hear what a real hip hop DJ mixtape is supposed to sound like?  Listen to this shit then.  DJ Roz Presents Champion Sounds, a nonstop, party rocking blend of nothing but classic material, old and new.  DJ Roz, a White Plains, NY native and DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) representative, shows off his superior DJ skills, seamlessly mixing beats, raps, and sound-bytes together, scratching and attaching (that’s my Walt Frazier impersonation), and basically going in for 120 minutes on the turntables.  And you won’t be disappointed with the content.  It’s got all the hip hop, R & B, reggae, and dance club classics you know and love.  Whether you’re chilling at a house party, jamming in your car, or listening on your Ipod, Champion Sounds is going to be your new “go-to” mixtape.  Guaranteed.  Get it free exclusively here at Westcheddar.  Peep Roz’s description/thank yous on the back cover, then click the link below to download…


Oh yeah, did I mention that I’m on this shit?  Stan Ipcus and DJ Roz go way back.  He was a couple years younger than me growing up in WP, and I always knew him as the kid with the Tommy Hilfiger shirts that hung out with my boy Greg from Ogden Avenue.  Then, in ’98, he came to College Park, and ever since we’ve been tight.  I remember the first time we really hung out, we went to DC to see Hieroglyphics at this club, and Roz kept it real and hopped in the B-boy circle and started breakdancing.  That’s when I knew he was hip hop for real hahaha.  Then, after we got jerked trying to get a radio show at WMUC, we started doing our own live shows on campus, at Frat parties, and at local clubs in the area.  Roz would DJ, I would spit, and K-Wet would wild out!  And of course, we’d bring up guests too, like Max B, Al Jiggy, Nef, Bless, Uno, Heem, B.O., Kalash, and Matty Mill (Matisyahu pre-beard).  Those were the days.  Then of course, Roz and I made the classic Stan Ipcus mixtape Real Breezy in 2006 and even did a couple shows in NYC to promote it which was fun.  So when it was time to give him an exclusive for Champion Sounds, you know I had to come through.  Thanks to Roz for putting me on his new mixtape and giving an old pal some shine.  Shit is sick.  WP stand up!  DMV stand up!  Peace..

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