Record Breaker

Events, My Dudes

A couple weeks ago, Chiddy (from the up and coming Philly based rap group Chiddy Bang) broke the Guiness Book world record for the longest freestyle ever, clocking in at 9 hours, 18 minutes, and 22 seconds, beating the previous record by 2 minutes.  See the video of him surpassing the old record HERE.  Unfortunately for him though, Boyder, one of Asher Roth’s rapping homies, already set a new record!!!  Not really, but peep the video of him pretending to break Chiddy’s record above.  It shows clips of him freestyling in the shower, with a chick on his lap watching TV, and even while poking holes in a yam as he microwaves it.  Favorite Boyder line, “I just be jogging down the street, eating Greek yogurt”, which he spits while actually jogging down the street eating Greek yogurt.  Stupid but funny.  Sorry, but I love shit like this.  Peace to Boyder, Asher, and the rest of their crew.  Good dudes.  Hollerrrrr.

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