Summer Smoke


Nas hopped on Raekwon’s latest album Shaolin Vs. Wu Tang after missing out on the opportunity to be on Only Built For Cuban Linx II. The track, “Rich & Black”, now has a video, filmed in Oslo, Norway, where the two linked up while on tour. Shit’s pretty live. Nice to see two OG’s enjoying themselves overseas and killing it…

Some more smoke, from Curren$y and his boys Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy, called “Still”, from Weekend at Burnie’s. I like these dudes…

This is hot too, roll up to this. The first song/video off Weekend at Burnie’s, “#JetsGo”…

And finally, Prodigy drops something for the hood chicks called “Pebble Beach”. My type of shit (sorry, no video but stream away)…

Download it free HERE. Now go burn something kid!


Check out this great two-part Ghostface interview from across the pond with Tim Westwood (who is hilarious), live in the back of a limo. Ghost is in rare form for this. Super animated, amazing chi…


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