All The Way Live with Matisyahu

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I documented my recent appearance with Matisyahu at his Benefit Concert in NYC for a new ticketing and live entertainment site called Charged.FM, whose online magazine is being managed by my buddy Tommy Dee. Great night indeed, with Matis, Moshe, Aaron Dugan, and the rest of the gang (see pic below of heads backstage putting together the set list). I sat in for “WP” and a really dope rendition of my own song “Let’s Walk”. Read the entire story, and see pictures and video from the night, in the link below…

All The Way Live with Matisyahu: Unplugged and Personal

Thanks to my brother Matisyahu for inviting me to perform, and giving Charged.FM all exclusive access. Finger point to Tommy Dee for the assist, and shout to Johnny Ritchie for the sick photos. Here’s the video clip of “Let’s Walk”….

For all that is Matisyahu, including info on his summer tour, visit Matisyahu World. Hollerrrrr.

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