Action Bronson


It took me many months to get my act together and properly check out Flushing, Queens rapper Action Bronson, and finally, after more than a few trusted friends encouraged me, I sat down and listened to his critically acclaimed album Dr. Lecter. And yo, the shit is crack. I’ve been blasting it in the whip all week. First of all, Action Bronson can spit. Many comparisons have been made to Ghostface Killah because of his voice and accent and style (even though he’s a fat, white Albanian with a beard and a baldie see above), and it’s true, he sounds like Ghost. But he is his own man, and has his own flavor that makes him original. To me, he actually raps like a mixture of Ghostface and Big Pun. He’s got the slick vocabulary, wordplay, and flow, and he’s not at all lazy on the mic. He spits quickly, but not rapidly, if you know what I mean. Basically, he goes the fuck in. And his beats are dope! Hard, New York beautifulness, with ill samples, heavy basslines, and banging drums. Plus he makes cool videos too that highlight his charisma and charm. In all, he’s a funny guy who smokes mad trees, loves great food and fine women, and raps with ridiculous realness. I can’t front, he’s the truth. Check out a couple of his music videos so you can see what I’m talking about….


“Get Off My P.P.”

I’m not gonna post the video for his song “Brunch” because it’s a bit disturbing, but for the record it’s one of my favorite cuts on Dr. Lecter. Stream it HERE if you so desire. Anyway, I’d also like to highlight Action Bronson’s YouTube cooking show, “Action in the Kitchen.” Not only are the meals he makes well-prepared, but the show gives us a chance to get to know him on a more personal level. It’s obvious that he loves food, and has spent a great deal of time cooking up. Watch a couple episodes below. My favorite is the “Bronson Burger” one. I mean come on, who puts a fucking chicken cutlet on their burger!? Off the yelzabar.

“Bronson Burger”

“Seared Ahi Tuna”

Follow Action Bronson on Twitter, and definitely get Dr. Lecter asap, it’s available on Itunes. I also recommend wrapping your ears around his mixtape with J-Love,  Bon Appetit…..Bitch!!!!! (haven’t heard it yet but my boy Ev Boogie says it’s proper). And he’s got a few exclusives on my dude Peter Rosenberg’s latest mixtape too, What’s Poppin’ Volume One, which features a lot of cool new underground artists as well as production by my other dude The Quartermaine. Get that for free HERE. I’m out.


Action Bronson: Meatopia

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