The Tanning Interview with Action Bronson

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I had the recent privilege of interviewing my favorite new rapper, Action Bronson. I posted some of his stuff a couple months back, and since then he has only gotten more popular. Here’s the intro to my interview with him for The Tanning Of America site, and the link to our full discussion is below…

Even with the slew of new white rappers on the scene in 2011, Action Bronson has no problem standing out. The 300-pound bald-headed and bearded professional chef turned MC from Flushing, Queens, who is still an unsigned artist, is having a very successful rookie year to say the least. The Albanian-American’s debut album,Dr. Lecter, which is filled with fiery raps and sample-heavy authentic New York production, was received by hip-hop tastemakers with rave reviews. In addition, his live show, where he showcases his stamina and flair for witty humor, caught the attention of The New York Times, and GQ Magazine was intrigued enough by his culinary roots to feature him in a Guide to New York City Dining, highlighting his favorite grub spots in the five boroughs.

After returning home from a recent trip in Los Angeles to work with seasoned rap producer, The Alchemist (they are collaborating on series of upcoming releases), Action Bronson took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his early exposure to hip-hop growing up in Queens, how he forged friendships in high school through writing graffiti, and why he stopped using the N-word when he first started rapping. Plus, he breaks down his culinary background, the diversity at his shows, why he thinks white producers and industry legends gravitate towards him, and the state of the white rapper in 2011.

The Tanning Interview with Action Bronson

I must say, it was a pleasure to speak with Action Bronson. He was mad cool, funny, and kept it real for the interview without holding back. Talking to him made me more of a fan. Check for his new album Well Done with Statik Selektah dropping next week. One.

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