Fall Nostalgia

Interviews, Sports, The Good Old Days

This Source Magazine Rhyme of the Month clipping of Nas’ “Verbal Intercourse” verse used to hang on the wall in my bedroom back when I was in high school. I stumbled across it tonight on the web, and felt a nostalgic need to post it. The fall weather always makes me feel like this. And to add to the NAStalgia (you like how cornily I did that right?) check out this vintage footage of his first interview, backstage at the famous nightclub The Fever on Video Music Box. When asked who he would like to work with in the future, he responds, “The Beatles. Nah, I’m buggin'” hahaha…

I also want to post the video for this song I’ve been bumping all week that really brings me back to the time when I first got into hip hop. Organized Konfusion featuring O.C. “Fudge Pudge.” This song is dope because the beat is hard and it’s super lyrical, but it’s also really fun! Yes, underground early 90’s New York hip hop at its finest. O.C. especially spits fire on the third verse…

For all your other throwback hip hop (and sports) needs, go to UpNorthTrips. In fact, here’s an example of some throwback baseball shit that was posted on there earlier in the week. We call this WALLY CHAMP…

Get it? Wally Joyner was the man! Anyway, I’ve been working on a new weekly rap music feature for UNT that should be debuting soon (“Fudge Pudge” was a bit of a preview), so stay tuned to their Twitter feed for all the action. One love.


Watch Nas’ new video for his summer banger  “Nasty” HERE. It’s hot.

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