Take Care


Well, Drake did it. He made a dope second album, and dodged the curse of the sophomore slump. Personally, I’ve been anticipating this album for months. Yes, I’m a fan. He can sing, he spits, and he makes great songs. Since “Marvin’s Room” dropped earlier this summer, I knew something special was brewing. If you like the way Drake sings, there’s plenty of gems on here (“Shot For Me,” “Doing It Wrong,” “Take Care,” “The Real Her”). If you like the way he raps, he’s got that covered too (“The Ride,” “Crew Love,” and especially “Look What You’ve Done”). And all the guests, from Rihanna to Stevie Wonder to The Weeknd, shine properly (except Andre 3000 but that may be me just being too critical of his weird flow haha). Def go cop this album. It’s the freshest thing in hip hop and R&B on the market by far…

My dudes at Complex got Drake for the cover of the upcoming issue, and they published not only the full cover story online, but also a nine page uncut interview with Drake. Read both below…



Also worth reading is GQ’s interview with Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib, who really is responsible for making this album super dope. Read HERE. Congrats to Drizzy on the drop! Take care…

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