DJ Whoo Kid Interviews Matisyahu

Interviews, My Dudes, Stan Ipcus

My boy Matisyahu shaved his beard last month, and it was big news! The pics he posted on Twitter were all over the Internet, from the Huffington Post to the Washington Post to Billboard Magazine. Crazy. What’s funny is that I was just with him over Thanksgiving, and a few days before we got up I had a dream that he shaved his beard! True story!

So now the dust has settled a bit (pun intended), and Matis is in the lab working on his new album, Sparkseeker. And he’s been sending me songs to put verses on, so look out for your boy possibly being on there.

Matis recently did an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, one of my favorite mixtape DJs and hip-hop personalities of all time, and they discussed the shave (he got it done at Supercuts LOL), his influences, and his thoughts on current artists that are out now. He also talks about the show we did in Mount Vernon in 2000 (the picture from that day is the Westcheddar header see above) and mentions Stanley Ipcus, which is crazy because I met Whoo Kid on a plane coming home from doing a show with Matis at Sundance Film Festival in 2007. Whoo Kid’s reaction to hearing my name is awesome. Very cool that he knew who I was and remembered me. Check the clip above. Pow!

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